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I LOVE my coffee, even more since I received a Keurig machine last year for Christmas. Along with the love for that coffee comes a major expense out of my pocket so trying to find cheaper alternatives without sacrificing quality & taste is something I’m always on the lookout for.

I know Kmart carries coffee under the Smart Sense label which I’ve tried and actually believe its really good coffee for a store brand.

I’d love to see K-Cups for the Keurig machine under the Smart Sense label, maybe a few different flavors of coffee too.


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  1. I just picked up the new Eight O'clock Original and a Barista Prima House Blend from that SuperK today ! Can't wait to give them a try ! Coffee is the next greatest passion, I'm sure :} !

  2. It may be a while before SmartSense jumps into this sector... For the now, Menards also carries a section of KCups. And the variety pack that I got from Amazon continues to be a big hit at work !

    1. In response to yobarps

      I found (Our Family) brand of K-Cups at our local IGA grocery store. I do know a few Kmart stores did or still do carry a few items under the "Our Family" brand so you never know.

      I did notice a wider selection of K-Cups at my local Kmart that they didn't have before like Maxwell house and a few varieties of cappuccino flavors.

    2. In response to yobarps

      Thanks for the info ! I'm making a visit to the Tinley Park IL SuperK soon, so I'll keep an eye out for their K-Cups... The packs at Dunkin Donuts are too expensive, I've noticed.

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