Smart Sense Coffee Creamers

I’d love to see the Smart Sense brand roll out a few more flavors of coffee creamers, especially seasonal flavors. Would be cool to see a line of liquid creamers hit store shelves under the Smart Sense label too. Flavors such as Pumpkin Spice would be awesome!

I’d like to thank Kmart for providing such a wide variety of great products under this brand which has been adding more each year.


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  1. I agree with Izel very much!

    Smart Sense Hazelnut creamer is great, had some today in my coffee.

    I myself would especially love to buy Smart Sense creamers if they had Sugar-Free (but not Fat Free) versions of the two main flavors, French vanilla and Hazelnut. Sweetened with something like sucralose instead of sugar.

    But just having liquid creamer would be just as great.

  2. Hi, Izel! Thanks for sharing this suggestion. I believe we sent similar feedback regarding Smart Sense coffee creamer a while back. I will be happy to share this suggestion again! I agree with you, pumpkin spice would be a great addition. I like just about anything pumpkin flavored!

    1. In response to laurelS

      I've been on a hardcore coffee kick lately. I work a lot of mornings so I need my creamers. Noticed my Smart Sense French Vanilla creamer was floating around Little Caesars dining room the other night when I was leaving work.

      The Hazelnut isn't a favorite of mine but I keep one handy for when my French Vanilla at home runs out.

    2. In response to laurelS

      Hi Izel,

      French Vanilla for me! I also like the Hazelnut too, but would like to see a Carmel one come out or better yet a Minty one for the holidays!

    3. In response to laurelS

      I would LOVE a Carmel flavored creamer too! The Mint flavored would also be one I'd buy. I have a weakness for McDonald's Carmel Mocha, one right next door to the Little Caesars I work at so I get one almost every morning. With these two flavors you suggested I would be saving myself a lot of money since we do have coffee for the dining room our store has.

      I was upset when my seasonal Peppermint Mocha at McDonald's went away. If Kmart had a Smart Sense creamer similar I would seriously go on a binge & buy every last one in stock at the store.

    4. In response to laurelS

      Love the one from there! It is my go to place when getting ready to travel long distances LOL

      I agree, going out for coffee tends to add up and having more of a variety of flavors sure would help out to cut down on costs.

      One thing I have noticed at our store, buy the flavors you like while you can, it may not be there when you go again in a few weeks. Sad to say, but true. ;-)