Smart Sense Coffee Creamer

Currently, Smart Sense brand only offers the Original non-dairy, French Vanilla and Hazelnut coffee creamers which are all high quality and low priced. It would be nice if more flavors of creamer were provided under the Smart Sense brand that were comparable to other brands such as Coffee-Mate. Another great product Smart Sense could carry would be refrigerated creamer comparable to International Delight. Most customers are looking to save money, especially with the way the economy is now days so having more affordable store brand items helps a lot of people save money.


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  1. I usually buy the refrigerated Coffee-mate at BigK, I was at SuperK yesterday in Taylor, MI and bought International Delight Peppermint Mocha creamer.

    1. In response to PrincessAM

      Those SuperKs are great, aren't they ?!? :)

    2. In response to PrincessAM

      Yes, they are!

  2. I also buy a lot of the Smart Sense brand products, izel. I haven't tried the creamer but will look for it! Thanks for the suggestion on expanding flavors, I will be happy to share this feedback as well.

    1. In response to laurelS

      The Saint Johns MI store as of last week when I was there had the smaller size Smart Sense creamers 2/$7.

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