since when can service desk not ring a small order when its busy?????????? half the lanes at 13/schoenherr are for cash only, the rest are long lines with SLOW cashiers. i had i little item, 2 service desk employees were standing around doing nothing but jody said they are not allowed to ring up a customer even if they have only one item. i was told this 6 months ago when i purchased lottery tickets then had to go wait in line for one item i wanted to purchase. guess thats why i prefer walmart.


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  1. Hello Shygirl519,

    I am also from Warren, MI; though I work at the Super Kmart on John R. and 12 Mile Rd. From an employee's perspective, what you say is correct. We are severely understaffed at the moment to the busy holiday season. There's honestly nothing we nor the company can do.

    From a consumer's standpoint, waiting in line to be checked out even if you have 1 item is customary in any location.

  2. Hi shygirl519,

    I am sorry to hear that your shopping experience had not been as pleasant as you had hoped.

    We appreciate you sharing your feedback with us on this issue. If you would like to let us know store location we would be happy to share your feedback with the store management team.

    Again we thank you for taking the time to stop in an share your shopping experience with us!

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