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  1. I think the commercial is funny!!!

  2. I was not at all impressed. I'm certainly no prude and for adults this was funny. But what about children. I do not want to hear my grandchildren, ages 8 and 3, repeating this nor do I want to hear it in our elementary schools. Kmart, you went too far with this one. Shame on you!

    1. In response to serenitycottage

      really, turn off your tv then,im sure at some point in your parenting, your have taught your children the difference between appropriate and not, therefore there is NO REASON why it should be removed from the air! It is not the TV Companies duty to raise your children!

  3. Great commercial! I loved it. It makes me laugh each time I watch it!

  4. I agree! I love Ship My Pants! It never gets old watching it either! If anything, it makes me laugh more! :-)

  5. This maybe very well my new favorite Kmart commercial. Great stuff.

  6. That is to cute! That is a great commercial, thank you for sharing Izel! ;)

  7. Isn't it AWESOME, Izel!!! Probably my all time favorite. :)

    1. In response to laurelS

      Reading the comments on the articles covering this commercial, seems as though everyone loves it! The news articles are trying to play on the controversial side of it but it looks as though viewers don't mind a bit. :-)

    2. In response to laurelS

      Hey, izel my good friend.

      "news articles are trying to play on the controversial side of it"

      yet some group called 'One Million Moms' doesn't like it, which is goofy considering they're not offended by they're own hate-speech yet are offended by a silly play on words. I'm not a Democrat and I'm not a Republican either, I'm just saying what I believe- Not trying to sway anyone's thoughts.

      I think commercial is great. Let's hope this will be the beginning of the grand Kmart rebound.

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