Ship from store (My Gopher) options need updating

I’ve recently been taking advantage of my free shipping promotion by doing a bit of shopping on which I’ve had a good experience all around including having the option to ship from store when not in stock at the warehouse. The only issue I have with this is the fact the customer should be able to choose which store the item is being shipped from if it is available at that location. I don’t see how it is very economical to ship an item from a store in southern Illinois to Michigan (free shipping) when these items would be in stock at a store much closer making it cheaper to ship to my home.


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  1. Howdy, Izel !
    I understand the curiosity of navigating thru the web of shipping commerce with it's strange usage... Kinda like trying to understand the store closings... I've had to accept the "look-away" in alot of my buying over the years... It can be uncomfortably senseless at times ! But all products eventually go 'Somewhere', luckily.... :)

  2. Hi, izel! Thanks for sharing this feedback with us. I am very happy to hear you are enjoying the MyGofer shopping experience! I will be happy to share your suggestions for selecting the store location where your purchases are shipped with the MyGofer team. I will also be happy to share any insight the MyGofer Team may be able to provide regarding the current process with you. Thanks again for taking the time to share your experience here!

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