Sears Black Friday deals going on NOW for Members!

Woohoo! My gamble paid off. I just saved $100 on the TV I had on layaway! Sears has fab deals going on right now for members and I snagged the TV online! Go for it, guys! There are some great buys but quantities are limited, it says!


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  1. Nice, Tea! I am very glad to hear you got the best price for your TV. I have also had my eye on the Members Only Black Friday deals. I am working on my Christmas shopping list at the moment, actually! haha. Hope you enjoy your new TV! Be sure to share your review of the TV with us when you have a chance to review it.

    1. In response to laurelS

      Thanks, Laurel! I'm super-stoked! Now I don't have to strategize sale times, lines and quantities anymore!

      This is the 39-inch HDTV I had previously put on layaway at $299.99. I took it out of layaway last week and incurred the $20 layaway cancellation fee, hoping to get a good Black Friday deal. Yesterday, I got it for $199.99! I saved $100, net $80!

      With that already secured, I can shop leisurely on Thanksgiving/Black Friday, lol. There are just some small appliances and things I want. I bought my Christmas presents for family in England and France so that's all done.