Saving Points…again

I have a hard time saving my SYWR points when I plan to save up for something, its so easy to just cash them in when you’re shopping on Once again I’m going to attempt to save up enough points to do something with. My goal this time around is flowers and garden supplies once those are in season again, should have enough by then. :-)


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  1. Ha, izel! I do the same thing! I love the idea of setting a realistic goal, too. I always say I will wait until Christmas, and that never happens!

    1. In response to SHC-JulieK

      Guess we should look at it as we are still buying what it is we want or need even if saving those points for a larger or planned item was the original goal. Having the option to purchase merchandise and receive points to later use off the purchase total on another is an awesome either way. Very grateful Kmart & Sears offers this program because they have really saved me a lot of money since I signed up, been a member since it started.

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