Roll call (Original MyKmartCommunity Site)

Who is still lurking here from our old original My Kmart Community website? Proud to say I’m one of the original members myself, been here since the board was started. Seen so many changes, so many members come & go too.

Looking at the sister site of this one (Shop Your Way) it seems as though our once great interactive site was totally split in two and we have lost so many great voices along with all the great ideas contributed.

I miss the whole “Community” feel the old site seemed to offer.


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  1. Workaholic here, just stopped in to see what is going on in the community! I have been busy starting my own business. I still miss the group and the great conversations we shared--our hearts and minds, and sometimes we all didn't agree. I miss my store and my customers, but I have been loving being more creative. Hope you all are well and happy!...ever the workaholic...sorry, can't help myself.

  2. I am still around but I am rarely around to post on here. It is nice to see you are still here. I hope there is some way for me to motivate change in the company, but I doubt too many people care about my ideas.

    1. In response to NickE

      Howdy, NickE !

      Great to hear that you're still around ! As for change in the company, I'm not sure how I feel yet... I guess that I'm just happy still to have a small voice in this community. Perhaps that can be enough to spark interest in change . . .

      For now, Thank You kindly for all of your wonderful ideas ! And I'm forever loving my feeling of ownership - as if I truly WAS a part of the directing team here, LOL !

  3. ('',) your friendly community Yobarps checking in !!!
    Great idea, Izel ! I too am sorry to see the morphjob of the original site...

    I miss the personal artwork, photos, slants and even the arguments borne of discussion from the old K-Community ! The faces and spaces. . . And most of all - the killer friendships ! The crazy names (Workaholic; Houdiniphile; WaveDoctor; JackInTheBox; FireFighter; YOBARPS---Hey Now !). . . . The sage info from GrandPa.... And our blissful family unit through it all.....

    A Huge Hello to all of you, and a huge Welcome to all of our newer members too :):) ! Even on a leash, Yobarps still dreams and is honored to be the friend to all of you here ^^, !

    1. In response to yobarps

      Just stopped in for a peek!
      I remember the old site too. I also preferred it--it seemed more user-friendly & more camaraderie (sp?)in that one.
      Hey, yobarps!

    2. In response to yobarps

      HowdyHowdy, Almalena ! We can't ever forget you, DearHeart !
      Through all evolutions, the good folks, food and fun shine through - not just for McDonalds, LOL !
      Be seeing ya {^^,!!!

  4. Hi Izel,

    I would have loved to have seen the old site, but came on with the new Communities.

    As Laurel mentioned, there are improvements in the work, but it is always great to hear first hand from our members and their thoughts.

    Thank you for all your engaging questions and comments. For they are greatly appreciated and I love the interaction that they bring forth.

    As always, I look forward to the next! ;-)

  5. I haven't been here from the beginning, but I still check out the site every now and then. I too miss the old site! I haven't been shopping at Kmart as much as I used to, so I haven't really had much to say lately.

    1. In response to debrockwell

      Hi debrockwell,

      I remember when I first came on that you had some wonderful holiday decoration ideas!

      Will you be doing so again this year? I know they are still a few months off, but they were so beautiful. ;-)

  6. Thanks so much for sharing this, Izel. I will be happy to share your thoughts with our Community Team and hope you continue to see improvements!

  7. This site is sensitive to bad news and tends to be very boring.They seem to have more community team member topics than actual topics generated by actual concerned shoppers.The stories you read in the business sections of your local news about SHLD give you nothing but more store closings. One of the KDollar locations in New Mexico is closing in September. But that was a stupid idea anyway.The dollar store market is already over saturated.The internet shopping experience with Shld is a virtual nightmare! The stores are on there last legs because of neglect.The Gang at Hoffman Estates seem to be doing very well though but what do they sell there? B.Conner Respectfully

    1. In response to layhighron

      Thanks for sharing this, B.Conner/layhighron. Great to see you!

  8. Hello! The old site was easier to navigate, and all my pictures seem to be gone. I am Houdiniphile from the MySears and MyKMart communities. Also Craftsman.It is very nice to see you again!

    1. In response to houdiniphile

      Wow, it's so great to see you here houdiniphile! Thanks for stopping by to say hello!!

  9. Why is it showing that Screen Name required. In any case, I am not here from the start, but happened to come by clicking on the old Sears Community for review writing. I signed up and then came back a bit later. I do miss it and what it offered and felt that even the employees who were members had a lot to offer. I felt they were free to talk as they wanted. I hardly go to the Sears except when I want to look at something because all I see is complaints. I do not have as much time to read here as before or write in, but I do hope people will continue what is left of discussions.

    1. In response to For2Day

      Hi, For2Day. We certainly appreciate your support and loyalty. Thanks so much for taking the time to share your feedback as well. We truly appreciate each member's perspective.

    2. In response to For2Day

      I am glad to see some more people coming back to reply to this topic. Great job in getting it started izel8326. Too bad we can't move it back to the top so more people see it.

    3. In response to For2Day

      I am getting tired of clicking the buttons, so everybody, you got a helpful vote.

    4. In response to For2Day

      Interesting to see who is still around, trying to keep people motivated in any way possible to keep posting on here. We need to bring back that friendly community feel to the site, motivate people to start posting more often. Get those creative ideas flowing again like old times! :-)

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