Regarding the Super Kmart in Tinley park, IL. You stated the Chicago Tribune revised their article saying this store was closing. You further stated that Kmart was merely looking to lease out some space in the store. Go to: – “anchor – junior anchor space available. Gross leasable area 171,691.” Sure sounds to me like they are trying to dump this store by leasing out the entire store if possible. This site appears to have an “all-smiles” answer for everything negative. TELL THE TRUTH. Ed Lampert can’t wait to dimantle the entire Kmart chain.


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  1. Its Going Down there even deleting members from this site for there comments.I believe store managers hands are tied and there just glad to wake up in the morning still employed. As leases expire stores are closed profitable or not.The only thing the company seems to take interest in is Internet sales which there not doing well either.They seem very interested in selling locations or sub leasing. I think the Retail stores will not be around in say 3 years.Good Buy Cruel World I Off To Join The Circus! Respectfully Petie Conner!

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