Regarding on-line layaway….once everything is paid off, do I have to go into a store to pick up the items or can I have them shipped to me? Also, can I use promotional coupons when putting items on layaway?


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  1. molly.t.barcus. Welcome to the MyKmart Community! You can pick up your layaway in-store. Click here to visit the layaway page on and click the blue button to schedule a Pick Up in the upper right corner of the page. Can you please let us know what type of coupon you are referring to? We'll be happy to help you with your coupon inquiry as well. Any additional details on the coupon you can provide will be helpful!

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      I was also wondering if I would be able to have my layaway items shipped once they are payed off? The closest store to me is almost an hour away and it would be easier to have everything shipped(if possible).