Recently I received a replacement charge card from Orchard Bank for my old Solutions Charge card. I just went to use it at Sears and it was not acceptable tender to allow me to get my employee discount. Do you still have a discount for retired employee’s? Is there another charge card I am supposed to use? Did I get scammed by Orchard Bank?


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  1. Hi, swp21045. Welcome to the MyKmart Community and congrats on retirement!

    Yes, the retiree discount is still available! Currently, the acceptable credit cards are the SearsCard, the Sears Gold MasterCard, and Sears Solutions MasterCard. In addition, you can get a discount when you use a Kmart or Sears gift card at Kmart or Sears, or SHOgift card for in-store only purchases. Cash, check, and PIN debit cards are also acceptable methods of payment for discount purposes. Click here to view the Discount Policy FAQs.

    Did the associate try to use your Solutions charge card?