Quality issues with Route 66 Jeans

I LOVE the way Route66 Jeans purchased at Kmart fit, been buying the brand for well over five years now but there is an issue with the zipper on almost each pair I buy. The zippers on the jeans never stay zipped up, seems to be the problem with every other pair I buy. Figured I should finally bring this issue to someones attention who might be able to fix it. Just bought another pair like this yesterday which sort of angers me because we drive 30 miles just to shop at Kmart and its very hard finding jeans in my size 99% of the time so I end up waiting long periods between jean purchases waiting for stores to get my size in. I’m forced to safety pin the zipper up on them over taking them back for a refund due to the fact no matter what store I shop at I won’t find ones that fit. I can’t win for losing! lol


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  1. YIKES Izel!

    That is weird that you brought this up, for just last week I had gone out clothing shopping and tried this brand on in my local Kmart and had the same issue.

    The only reason why I know this is because I had bent down to pick up my grand-daughters toy we had just picked out for her, and lord and be-hold my zipper came down. My daughter made me try another pair on for some times there is a locking on the zipper to see if they were any better. So I did, bent down a few times and the zipper came down half way as did the other pair.

    I had asked the associate working in that area about this issue and she had told me that they had not had any complaints on this brand or issues involved. I am wondering if perhaps I should have asked the return desk? Hmmmmmm

    I had tried on the ones that are straight leg jeans for we thought they would look cute with my tennis shoes (that's all I wear). The only other ones they had were the skinny jeans, and ummmm I don't wear these anymore LOL

    What style did you try on?

    I know that "Tea" mentioned trying on the "Basic Editions" in another post, but of course they did not have my size to even attempt to try those on. Not sure if you have tried them before?

    My whole reason for shopping was because of my weight gain due to medication, and having this happen did not help my self image and made me feel even worse. I ended up not buying any pants that day because of this. It sure is not easy finding ones that do not rub up against my lower back, so jean shopping is a nightmare for me. So it would have been nice to also try the Basic Editions on for she had highly recommended them.

    I know this sounds horrible, but I am glad that it was not just me and my weight issue but the brand itself.

    Might have to research this one further on who and where we can send in a complaint to look into this malfunction.

    Wonderful post Izel! Thank you ;)

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      I have only experienced this with the Route 66 jeans, also have Basic Editions (Black) for work but those are just fine. My brother said he had the same issue with Route 66 jeans he has bought in the past. Having your zipper come down is a little embarrassing even if nobody sees it.

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      On nooo! So I guess it is a known "trademark" of Route 66!

      For me, just even hearing my "snap" can be quite embarrassing. Especially when the room is quite and you are teaching a group of K-3 kids! "What's that?" My response always being "Gosh, I am not sure!" Then turn it into a language activity using the "wh" questions LOL

      Have you tried on any of the other brands? If so, what are your thoughts about them?

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      I really like the Attention line of clothing, Basic Editions are good quality but tend to usually only offer not so attractive options. I have a handful of Basic Edition (black) jeans I wear as work pants at Little Caesars even though we aren't supposed to wear "jeans" but the manager wears the same ones so I get away with it. She too is a Kmart fan. :-)

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      I like the fit and look of Route 66 jeans.Now that its been mentioned I do have problems with the barn door on them.I also have problems with the pockets getting holes in them.

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