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  1. We have a yearly tradition too! We each have our own pumpkin that we gut as well as carve. This year my grand-daughter finally participated for last year she wanted nothing to do with the insides. LOL

    She made quite the mess in carving but was quite proud of her master piece!

  2. Growing up we always had this tradition! It always started by getting a bunch of old newspapers and covering the table completely so the guts of the pumpkins wouldn't get all over the table. We would buy templates at the store and all pick out what we wanted to make. We of course had Halloween music playing (Love Monster Mash) and then once we were all done we would go outside and light up our pumpkins and drink hot chocolate and just hang out for a little while to look at them and enjoy the hard work we did! :-)

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      I love the Monster Mash! One of my favorite Halloween songs!

      We have not played scary music in quite a while, I think it is time to add that one back in for it really sets the mood!

  3. We bought this pumpkin carving set about 8 years ago-best $8 investment ever! So, we use that to carve. It is usually a mess. The boys help design and clean out the pumpkins, but my husband or I do the actual carving. And, of course we toast the seeds for snacking!

    We have a REALLY hard time keeping the squirrels away from our pumpkins, so they don't go outside until Halloween night.

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      That sounds like fun, Julie!! I've never heard of squirrels going after pumpkins? Do they ruin them?? lol

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      They EAT them! Even if they are out for just an hour! They think they are delicious. No one in our neighborhood puts their pumpkins out until that day. Too much effort carving will be wasted quickly if you do!

      Some of our neighbors spray theirs with an epoxy to keep them away, others have tried a water and hot pepper spray, which doesn't seem to bother the squirrels all that much!

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      I learn something new everyday! I've never had to worry about that before! That's too bad the squirrels eat them so you can't keep the pumpkins outside until the day of!

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      I too have never heard of squirrels eating pumpkins!

      Do they eat the rind, inside or all Julie? I find that quite interesting!

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      They don't bother mine - maybe because they're 100% vinyl (kinda tasteless and hard to digest :D)

      Those critters can certainly be pesky !

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      HA, yobarps! That is not a bad way to go-the vinyl route!

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      They eat ALL Of it. Except the stem. They are relentless!!

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      I've often thought of not feeding the squirrels around my house because of others... Several neighbors had siding and roof holes and the squirrels got in... But I'm also thinking that their lack of house upkeep isn't the squirrel's fault nor mine. And the eagles and hawks are fine with them as well... Currently my mature black walnut trees are keeping these jumpers happy and very busy ! As for me, they only "un-shelve" an occasional item out of my upright unit (bucket, scrub brush, torch lighter, etc.)

      I wonder if the squirrel deterrent spray would work for the pumpkins, and I noticed a strong smell of peppermint in it... Hmmm... :)

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      Oooh! That's an idea, yobarps! Maybe for next year!

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      Yes, I'll be right there too, and I'll look into this more deeply by then. Maybe we can get some sort of handle on this which will be safe to both us and them, my friend :):) !