Primo Water Return Machine issues

The Primo water bottle return machine at the Saint Johns Michigan store has been broken/not printing out the deposit tickets for over two months!

I use this every time I make a trip to Kmart so having to wait in line at the check out while the cashier has to call someone up to the front who knows how to handle the problem when we don’t have a ticket is a major hassle.


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  1. Hi, Izel. So sorry to hear this machine is still broken. :( I will be happy to share your concerns with the store manager. Feel free to also call and stop by to share your thoughts with the store manager in person. It always helps to hear customer concerns in person at times.

    Thanks for taking the time to share this issue. I will be certain to share your concerns with the store manager directly today.

    1. In response to laurelS

      Most trips to this store I end up being the one who has to tell the cashier which check out lane has the spare tickets, if those aren't there I know one of them has a code you can scan in a folder.

      I've actually walked the cashier thru the steps required to ring the coupons up for these too. Sometimes its easier than waiting for someone to drop what they are doing to come up to the front especially if there is a line behind me.

      I believe the manager knows about the machine being down, was told it would be fixed during a major ordeal of them trying to find the key for the machine one day but that was a very long time ago.

      Trust me, if only I lived closer to this store I'd be putting my application in since I noticed they are hiring. This store needs my experience and I've never worked at Kmart. LOL

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