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I got a lil’ message in ShopYourWay’s accnt. use history sayin’ that I got 5,000 to use on the next purchase of $40 plus, I was just wondering when if it expires before or on New Year’s eve. Can it be used it on the 29th of December? I understand if you don’t respond today since today is a holiday.


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  1. Howdy, my friend ! And HappyHolidays !

    I had a small disappointment before Christmas - I printed a store coupon at my home from SYWR, but when I went to use it in Sears, the non-scanning barcode had no numbers under it (only little x's), so they would not honor it... It was for 20% back in points for apparel or shoe purchase, so I cancelled the order and left empty-handed... The lines were long, the merchandise short and my disheartened fervor was high... :( Luckily, I didn't truly 'need' the items...

  2. Hi PrincessAM! Hope you had a nice holiday! Have you checked the Shop Your Way Rewards site? Your account details page should let you know when those points expire. You can also contact the customer service folks over there at They can help, as well!

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