Please fix the automatic exit door at the Saint Johns MI store

The automatic exit door at the Saint Johns Michigan store has been broken/having issues for over at least two months. Every time I stop at this store its either not working at all or it opens part way making the customer manually open it.

I wanted to make sure someone knows because this past Saturday I had to help a 90 year old lady close her car door out in the parking lot after watching her attempting to do so herself with her cane for almost five minutes. She said she had two bad hips & knee problems so I can imagine how difficult it was for her getting out of the store if nobody was there to help.


2 answers

  1. What a shame.

  2. Hi, Izel. Thanks for sharing this concern here. So kind of you to help a community member in need of a helping hand! We will be happy to share this feedback with the store operations team in your area.

    Thanks again for taking the time, Izel!