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I was at Kmart on 200 Capital Avenue Southwest in Battle Creek, MI today. I was there there and picked up some new kicks from Athletech, a CD with some sultry R&B music on it, and then two wines and a BUD. As I proceeded to checkout, the cashier asked for my I.D. for the alcohol, she tried typing putting it in to the computer but it said “Age Restricted”. I am legal drinking age with valid non-expired-up-to-date vertical Michigan I.D. They said something about it being to close to my birthday (I turned 21 yesterday). They used some confusing language to describe the sit. and asked me what time I was born and I said “11pm”. I’m giving this Kmart a second chance but they better change or update something. This is ridiculous! Kmart needs to stop turning down valid identification for of-age people. I’m very disappointed, and although there’s no law telling me they have to sell me alcohol- it is still absolutely unacceptable in terms of customer service that they don’t. I know Kmart has old computer systems and that it would not take my card because of that. Bad customer service.


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  1. Happy Belated Birthday PrincessAM. I understand your frustration with Kmart's very outdated computer system. Recently Kmart has been annoying me during check-out more than usual because most times the system won't allow you to use two different coupons or receive the $5 gift card you clearly earned when they run the deal giving away the card if you spend over $50. I always exchange my 5 gallon Primo water jug when I go to Kmart so when I am ready to check out I hand them the Primo exchange ticket for $7 off which makes the $2 off wild bird seed coupon I received during my last visit useless since the system won't allow it.

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      Hey, Izel8326. Absolutely frustrated too! How've you been?

      Thanks, Izel and LaurelS

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      I've been doing good, lot of spring cleaning around the house on top of a crazy work schedule. Happy early Easter to you and everyone else by the way. This year is already flying by!

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      Hi Princess,

      I completely understand about the old computer system. I had went on Monday and spent over $200 on getting my grand-daughter stocked up for summer (found some great buys and the cutest little tutu's). It took me over 20 minutes to get through the checkout while my grand-daughter was fussing.
      During that time her computer would stop in the middle of a transaction, then it would not take my SYWR email 2x, then it did not give my employed discount and last but not least, I was charge $2.60 for some unknown deposit fee.
      I was told after we finally completed the purchases to go to the Customer Service desk to get back my $2.60, by this time, I was totally spent and needed to get lunch for the baby, so we left.
      But, after we got home, we had found that the 2 packs of socks we had bought, were way to small so we decided to go back the next day to return. Once at the Customer Service desk, she had no idea what this charge was and had never seen it before, so used another item to give me the money back.
      I do have to say that once we finished yesterdays purchases, getting Easter stuff and through the check out, I was quite pleased with the smoothness.
      Thank goodness! For my daughter and I were on our way to take the baby to see the Easter Bunny. ;)

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      It seems like every other visit to Kmart I make something goes down involving the cash register, usually I cause it to just freeze up. I've stood there waiting patiently a few times as the cashier totally reboots the entire computer...three times in a row and twenty minutes later I finally get to leave. Most customers would totally melt down and leave but for some reason I have a high level of patience especially since you know its out of the cashiers hands most times this happens.
      The Kmart stores I frequent most I sort of feel like the cashiers think "oh great, the register is going to go down" right when I walk in. Best part is, when I cause a total cash register break down I really didn't do anything to cause it like using coupons or anything. Must be that VIP Gold SYWR membership, too hot for the system! lol

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      My thought when I walk in is how long will I have to wait in line. I think I posted a question a while back asking what was the first thing you see when entering the store. You answered that one right Izel? Looking at the check outs? Well now that is always my first glance LOL

      That is toooo funny about what the cashiers might think, are their less cashiers by the time you check out? They probably think, ummm time to take a break Izel is here!

      It has to be because you are to "hot" for the system for I really do not know that many people with the "Gold" status ;)

      Thanks for the chuckle! Needed that today ;)

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      It became a goal of mine to reach VIP Gold level, really trying for the Platinum but its really hard. I try to buy everything possible at Kmart, including home appliances which is the only way to really reach the high VIP status.

      The amount required to reach those levels is too high in my opinion but really I have saved a lot especially in shipping when I order online. SHC keeps bumping up my "free 90 day trial" of SYWR Max when it is about to expire which gives me free shipping on anything. :-)

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      Hi Izel,

      I know I have along ways to go for the Gold, slowly but surely chipping a way at it.

      I did however get the SYWR Max which has also helped quite a bit with shipping. I just ordered a bunch of tools and camping stuff, so it was very helpful indeed. Mine does not expire until June, so we will see if mine will bump like yours. LOL ;)

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      The best part of SYWR Max besides free shipping is the fact you occasionally receive an email informing you of your total savings on shipping to date. I believe last I checked I've saved almost $200!

      Providing this for customers is awesome, if promoted a little better it could really help boost sales for both Kmart & Sears.

  2. Hi Princess. I am really sorry to hear about this experience and will certainly share your concerns with the appropriate teams for further follow up. I hope you find the customer service greatly improved when you visit this Kmart location next.

    Sounds like you just had a birthday, so I want to wish you a HAPPY Belated Birthday! Hope it was a great Birthday!!

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