Planning to gift a TV or iPod this holiday season?

Consider the new Alphaline brand for accessorizing your gift! The exclusive Sears Holdings brand of high-quality Consumer Electronics accessories is available in-store and online at

Great quality for reasonable prices, the Alphaline includes TV and audio accessories (cables, stands, mounts, screen cleaners, adaptors and connectors), headphones in five different styles, gaming accessories, a docking station compatible with all MP3 players including iPods, and a Blue Tooth Speaker.

Don’t forget to pick up the necessary accessories to complete that shiny new electronic gift under the tree this year!


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  1. Speaking of the ipod's, I did a quick search and did not find them. Are they sold by Kmart, Sears, or any connected stores here? I am not interested right now, but would like to keep aware of it.

    1. In response to For2Day

      For2Day, yeah I did the same search 'apple ipod' at both Kmart and Sears(dot)com's. Ain't find no Apple iPod's.

    2. In response to For2Day

      Glad, I came back today, as I saw your comment listed. I did check something that was interesting. I originally was going to try and get this, but it was the small size. And, I could not wait, so I got an HP touchpad. But, Kmart should consider advertising this all over. They have an Asus, Google nexus tablet, but it is a bundle. Not available right now on-line, so maybe not. It is inexpensive and very well rated. Now, if I had known, but then again I had more Amazon credits than money. So, now I want to know how many points you get because that would be a steal.

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