Any Suggestions On How to Deter Ants Using More of A Natural Approach?

I have a small infestation of black ants that show up on a whim throughout my apartment. I need to find something safe to use for I have a small 2 year old who also resides here.

Does anyone have any ideas on what could be used?

Nowadays the fumes are horrible, ant traps are sticky and catches the eyes of young toddlers, at a loss..

I am looking forward to any suggestions that you have used or know of a good safety product.

Thank you ;)


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  1. I may have left an answer where you may miss it, so read below in response to what you said about the carpet.

  2. Wendy, I have a quick link as I saw on the other site, there are additional answers. I have a suggestion from earlier discussions. Ants also come from indoor soil. You have to ask the name of what type off indoor potting soil is used that is treated and there will be no additional extra bug problems. I used to get it, but they don't have it here anymore. Do not use coffee grounds inside or some of the other grain food suggestions listed, as they encourage gnats, and other types which are worse. The borax is not good because of your young child. It gives other articles from general sites. They come in even in the cleanest of homes. You have to find the source. I will be reading later on next month, so if I have additional info that I forgot, will pass it on.

    1. In response to For2Day

      OMG! What a wonderful link! There is sooo much information that I can use in trying to find a solution.

      Bless your heart in finding this for me. I am will read through it tonight after work and make notes on what needs to be purchased for I will be going to Kmart tomorrow to get a few things.

      As of right now I do not have any indoor plants for we decided to wait for spring. So this is another good tip and I will research this one further too for we will be buying some kid friendly plants in a few months.

      I guess the hardest part for me is locating where they are coming in at. We have tried to find trails but they are scattered about in the apt with no real direction. It is baffling as well as frustrating for my grand-daughter can't even roll around on the carpet without us finding an ant on her. They are just random!

      Since she is at her father's on the weekends I broke down and used a non-scented Raid on the carpet, but this is not a solution that I want to continue using. She plays to much on the floor with toys so I will have to clean the carpet before she comes home tonight.

      Again, I thank you so much for finding this for me, I am excited to read through it. Gives me hope that there is some options that we can safely use! ;)

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      Instead of the Raid on the carpet, as suggested, look for essential oils to wash it. I don 't have the ones or the mix now, so that is why I said to wait. Maybe, see if there is a lemon as I think that is inexpensive.

    3. In response to For2Day

      Thank you! This was definitely not a good move on my part, but my frustration took over LOL

      That was another thing I wanted to look for, something I can spray on the carpet and know it is safe plus helps the issue at hand.

      My hope is that the lemon as you mentioned helps out, will find out more once I read up on it tonight. This would bring in a pleasant smell ;)

    4. In response to For2Day

      Just wanted to touch base and let you know that I had read through all the articles and found some great tips on dealing with these pesky things.

      Now all I have to do is wait until they come back. Seems like since last weekend spraying with the Non-scented Raid, they disappeared.

      Go figure! But an extremely happy camper here ;)

  3. Wendy, you can look into lemons (though I don't know the techniques) and then look into what else will keep them away. I got some in an apartment and vacuumed them because I had a rug. That does not work, unless you find out where they are coming from. Because the child is young, it is hard to give a better answer if you are talking about a low level floor

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      Is it possible to get an edit button. It is to deter and not a pesticide.

    2. In response to For2Day


      I am in a lower level, but I reside in Oregon and it seems no matter where I live these little black ants show up. I am a pretty tidy person so it is frustrating to have these pesky black ants showing up off and on. It does not matter how much I clean and disinfect, they come out of no where. ERRRGGGH!

      I have heard the use of lemons, and will have to research further on how to use them. In the MySears someone had suggested a mint oil base or bay leaves for other options.

      The baby is gone on the weekends so it is the perfect time to try a few of these out.

      Thank you for the correction of the title, I was exhausted and was having issues pulling the right words, so it has now been changed completely.

      I greatly appreciate your input ;)

    3. In response to For2Day

      I was not correcting you, but myself. I realized my reply was not correct. I normally go and find the information, but have life issues of serious consequences are a problem for me now. So, I can't take the time. If you are willing to wait a long while, if I go to my notes, eventually I can get you more info. The age of the child makes it harder. Bay leaves help with lots of bugs, but they are dangerous if hard pieces are found by the child. Okay, when cooked and they break, for adults too.

    4. In response to For2Day

      You know what, I liked your's better than mine! Made more sense LOL

      YIKES! I had no idea about the bay leaves. That is scary, but it seems like they would work better not cooked. Maybe I will put that one on the back burner.

      Take your time, I am not going anywhere. This is a serious topic for me for I have been battling them all morning. Darn things. I still am unable to locate where they are coming in at and that is what is frustrating me the most.

      Since moving to Oregon my main issues have been with ants. In California it was "wolf spiders", but never ants.

      So please take your time for any information is valuable to me. I am thinking this is going to be a life long experience while residing in this state.

      My thoughts and prayers are with you ;)

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