OMG! A Yahoo Finance story is telling people not to buy Sears/Kmart gift cards!

They’re saying that the company might not be around long enough for the gift recipients to use them! That is SO bogus! If I were SHC, I’d sue the pants off Yahoo! What do y’all think? They’re purposely trying to hurt Sears and Kmart’s business!


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  1. I read a similar article that was titled "Attention Kmart Shoppers:Flat-Line Special. VERY horrible article to read if you're a Kmart lover like myself since it seems to point out every flaw the company is facing at the moment, of course totally forgetting to mention anything positive like Shop Your Way Rewards etc. It kinda ticks me off reading it and I'm not even an employee or shareholder. Here is a link

    1. In response to izel8326

      Yeah, I saw that story. :( As you said, these stories seem to be written by people who haven't shopped at the stores or even tried to get the other side of the equation and positive developments! Someone at the Yahoo story I mentioned pointed out that Sears has the best employee policies for veterans and members of the armed forces. You never hear about that! I'm glad to see, though, that quite a few people in the comments section after the Yahoo article are sticking up for Sears and Kmart and criticizing Yahoo for posting such an article. Yay!

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