New Year, New Kmart

Kmart has struggled but has managed to pull through another year. I hope to see positive changes at Kmart in the year 2013, one big thing I hope to see is less store closures and more focus on the Garden Center this spring. It would be nice to see Kmart bring in the outdoor greenhouses they used to provide out in the parking lot filled with an assortment of plants and flowers with much better care than previous years. Most stores severely neglect the outdoor plants which is a big turn off when entering the garden center. What improvements would you like to see Kmart make in the coming year?


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  1. Speaking as an employee, I would like to see new cash registers. The registers we have now are around 12 years old, slow, and grossly unreliable. It's so embarrassing when the register goes down and we can't process customers' transactions.

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      That would be a MAJOR improvement! I was in line at the Saint Johns Michigan Big Kmart this past Black Friday and guess what, they had issues with the system! Customers wanting to use a credit card weren't able to do so since it was only accepting cash and debit. Luckily I have my own PIN number memorized and the two friends with me who purchased quite a bit had cash. I've been in line during a total computer freeze up followed by a reboot only to have it freeze again. Twenty minutes later we have to move everything to another lane. lol

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      Remodel and get a new Idenity Kmarts Name is Damaged beyond repair!Totaly Revamp Store Style and Brand at Prime Locations sell off or close the loosers.

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      Yes, yes, YES!!!!!!!!!! :)

      The worse thing about Kmart is checking out (ie, registers!). They would do so much better if they just quit messing with the old ones and totally revamp with new modern ones. :)

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