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My 10 year old is itching to spend his birthday money/allowance on a new Xboxgame. I am not ready for him to start playing the more violent games (like Halo or Call of Duty) but he has most of the sports themed games (Madden, NBA2K, etc..).

Anyone have a suggestion on a good game that isn’t too violent or sports related?


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  1. Hi Julie !
    My suggestion is Sonic the Hedgehog from the Sega systems. I'm not sure if any maker has a version of it for Xbox, but that Sega system has so many other games that are terrific ! My grown son morphed out of Sega to the xbox and other systems known for the violent games and sports that you spoke of, but he will never stray too far from Sonic, Road Rash, Golden Axe, Ecco the dolphin and many other Sega-based games :):) ! Good luck to you... !

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      Sega? I was thought I was old-school playing Harry Potter and The Matrix games on the Nintendo GameCube, the Wii predecessor.

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      You got it, PrincessAM :) ! It's so old school to where I've never tried GameCube or any other of them that were after Sega... I'll not recommend any of the Call of Duty-type stuff of today, while my grown son absotively loves all of that new "gore" genre and shooting-stuff of today...

      Julie has some challenge trying to steer her 10yr old away from that stuff - that's for sure :) !

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      I am going to check out the Sonic game, yobarps! I am kind of remembering they used to watch that show? Good suggestion!

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      Hey PrincessAM! Your mention of Harry Potter gave me an idea to see if there are any HP themed games! I have no idea, but he would love something like that, too!

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      you'll have to buy them used online (some stores have them too). But the really fun ones, Sorcerer Stone and Chamber of Secrets are about a decade old, so best bet might be online.

      They're great and there's no gore, just fantasy violence that's pretty PG.

  2. That would have been my answer, any of the Madden games or College related were the big hits with my son. I know that there is also the Wrestling ones, but not sure how appropriate these ones are, for my nephew was a big fan of these ones.

    My kids always loved going and picking out there own gifts as well as handing over the money.

    Share with us on the final product/s of his choices! ;)

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      Oh, he would actually love a wrestling game! That is a great idea. I am going to look into that for him right now.

  3. Uhoh, birthday money burning your son's pocket! That's dangerous. :)

    I will have to poll my husband on this one! Stay tuned. I watched my friend's boys (ages 7 and 6 years old) play an Xbox 360 Kinect Adventures game recently and was just blow away by how cool technology has become these days! I'm not sure what age range you're looking for or if you guys have the Kinect, but I thought it was super cool!

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      I have seen the Kinect! It is amazing. We don't have, but they would love that or something similar one day. It's on the list!

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