New Kmart stores needed

Just read an interesting article about Kmart of Australia opening a brand new two-level store! I understand the Kmart of Australia is a totally separate entity altogether but wow just imagine the possibilities. The way to bring back customers is bringing in a few new stores as an attention grabber, also a way to get peoples minds off the massive store closings we’ve seen the past few years which gives a very negative image to Kmart.


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  1. I think there is some type of problem with advertising besides on-line. For instance, there are two K-marts at least in New York City. I told someone who goes into the city all the time that there was one in Manhattan and she never knew that. There is another accessible by car, which is also close by. I always see Walmart and Target mentioned various ways and shoppers are not being informed of the true reality of how Kmart rewards worked and works. That included me up to a few weeks ago. For example, recent articles from the last two weeks, basically left out the rewards program, and any involvement of Kmart with recent events.

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      Here in Cincinnati we stil have 3 kmarts in the suburbs but many people believe that Kmart has closed all there stores here.They used to have about 15 locations here but Walmart and Target expanded rapidly here about Ten years ago and Kmart gave up.Are Kmart stores are tired and run down.Never been updated just patched up here and there and it shows.Looks like there just running there Leases out.