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need substitute for impatients for planting. what is recommended?

i need to avoid the milky spore issue with impatients.


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  1. Hi Larry. It's a good thing that you're looking for a substitute as there will most likely be a shortage on impatiens for this season. Garden impatiens have been hit especially hard by downy mildew and many growers are drastically cutting back their numbers or ceasing to grow them altogether.

    New Guinea impatiens don't appear to be bothered by downy mildew, though I'm not certain how it might fare with your milky spore issue. (One nice thing about having milky spore disease is that it kills Japanese beetle larvae which eat grass roots and plant stems.)

    One of the best substitutes, but one that certainly stands on its own merits, is the wax begonia. Actually, any of the begonias are worthy contenders, but the wax begonia has a similar feel and wonderful splash of color ranging from the white through the bright red hue range. Other annual bedding plant options to brighten up your garden and yard include verbena, marigolds, toadflax (Linaria), browallia, pentas, lobelia, portulaca, and zinnias.

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