Need help with putting correct Member # with my email-sign in-acct????

I had almost completed my registration when my 18mth old shut my computer down. I thought I was on the correct page to start it all over again but I just created a new acct with KMart. I received my Rewards card from instore so I did not need to do the whole thing. Now I cant put my member # that I already had with my email-acct because they created a new one for my name & email acct. Could you help me out please?


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  1. Oh no Wendy! This has happened to me numerous times!

    So if I am understanding you correctly, you have just opened up an new Kmart account and was in the process of adding your SYWR membership number to it.

    Have you tried signing back in to your Kmart account with the information for registration you first used? At times the process completes even though it was abruptly closed.

    If you have already done so, it would be best to call or "online chat" with our Customer Service. They will be able make sure your account is not duplicated and help with adding your SYWR membership information.

    Please keep us posted and let us know if you have any other issues.

    Thank you!

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