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  1. Are you sure it's completely gone from your email server? Sometimes deleted emails will remain in the "trash" for a while. If it IS gone, however, the only option I can think of would be to contact the store where you made the purchase, give them as much information as you can (date and approximate time will be most helpful), and see if they're able to look up the receipt on the computer. I honestly can't remember how far back the receipt lookup function can go. At any rate, though, please be patient - it will involve manually sorting through hundreds and hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of receipts before yours could be found and printed out. Since you say "a few months ago," I'm assuming you're not interested in making a return or exchange, but if you DO want to do that and you used your Shop Your Way Rewards card, this can be done in most circumstances without a receipt.

  2. Happy New Year, goose8! We would be glad to help you! Did you purchase your items at the store or online? If you are signed up for Shop Your Way Rewards and have your e-mail attached to it, you can print all your transaction information from your Account History by logging into:

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