Mygofer has closed….

I just saw that the mygofer that opened in a former Kmart store in Joliet is now closed. This was the only mygofer store location, so is SHC done with the mygofer concept or is still going to be used at some Kmart locations? Also, why are so many Kmart stores closing? There are only a little over 1,000 Kmart stores left, so is Kmart just closing altogether? It seems like they are just slowly liquidating and closing until they are all gone, that’s my opinion anyway.


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  1. Its quite obvious what the customer wants, they want KMART, not a Sears Essential or this Mygofer idea. Wish SHC would focus on fixing what they have and opening new Kmart stores instead of wasting time & money on these failed ideas for "new" store concepts because it only tarnishes the customers opinion of Kmart/Sears just a little bit more when these trial stores fail. It doesn't help at all these concept trial type stores are always thrown into a former Kmart that should not have closed in the first place, buildings are always run down from the Kmart days too. I don't care what store it is, when a new retailer decides to open in an old building and neglects the fact it needs a remodel before opening I automatically think of it as a "ghetto" store and avoid it. I hope the KDollar concept has better luck because I would love to see the idea take off and have one open up around here.

  2. I read a story that the store never attracted any customers.They even had a brief promotion on local local Bill Boards to go to the store and mention you seen the ad and recieve a Gallon of Milk for free just 2 weeks ago.That originally was suppose to have been A Great Kmart Location maybe it will be Reformatted back to Kmart.The Kmart Pharmacy at the location remains open.

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