My wife and I just saw your television ad for Joe Boxer shorts. It is the one that has six men dressed in tuxedo jackets, shirts, ties and box shorts. The men are shaking their hips to play a song with bells that are attached to their boxer shorts. At the very end of the commercial the last man in line plays the last note of the song by making an overtly sexual move. He thrusts his pelvis in a way that simulates sexual intercourse. We are both very offended by this commercial. We are requesting that you stop airing this commercial immediately!


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  1. I agree that this is obnoxious. Look, I can't even see the bells on the boxers. It looks or appears that the bells must be under the boxers attached to their genitals or something similar. I also get tired of the responses that say, "Hey, this isn't bad. Look at THIS commercial if you really want to see something bad." In other words, we set the bar as low as possible vis a vis the other commercial and THIS commercial clears that bar. Not a great way to live your life. We live in a society that loves to make statements like "Shoot for the stars" but we live consistently in the gutter. Kmart......go away.

  2. Good Grief, get a life. They show all sorts of shooting, sexual overtones, scantly clad women (which nobody minds) on TV and the minute we see a bunch of cute guys ... fully dressed, shaking their booty, we get offended. I am 72 years and think this is the cutest, most enjoyable commercial I have seen for some time. We all know Joe Boxer shorts now. (Never heard of them before). I love it. It is genius advertising. The only thing sexual in this commercial is in your mind.

    Keep playing it KMart... Good job! Like your style and guess what, I will keep shopping at your store. Do you have the guy in gold for sale????? LOL

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      Oh by the way have you seen the Jadore Dior commercial explicitly ooozing sex and the woman's body for this commercial. Absolutely amazing and done with taste. This was done with taste also. Women are always exploited. Lets hear you get upset about Victoria's Secret and Jadore and a bunch of others. Or is it only ok to look at women?

  3. Oh give me a break it's not an offensive commercial at all... It's actually hilarious. I'm sorry but anyone who gets offended by THIS is quite pathetic.....

  4. I agree. What are we supposed to say when a young child asks us what they were doing and where the bells were. This is disgusting and I think KMart should pull the ad immediately. I'm not sure that I want to shop at a store that would run an ad like that. Some people think it is funny but children see that ad too and it is totally inappropriate.

    1. In response to lleevans

      I agree, I think that ads like that one and the "I just shipped my pants" belong only on the internet not on TV where kids can see them. I am all for sex/humor/adult themes to get you attention but I think it has a time and a place, and family hour is not the place. The same goes for Victoria's "not so secret" secret ads. i think the ad should be pulled, or at the least show on the web only. I think that most of the posters that same "get over it" don't have kids or are raising the ones they have incorrectly and will regret it later

  5. My husband and I agree! You have lost us as a customer. We were totally offended by this commercial and can't believe you find it appropriate. We have MANY friends and associates who will also never shop thete agsin.

  6. I was very offended by this commercial. I will not be shopping at Kmart.

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      Convenient conservative right? Where will go when Wal Mart does a similar commercial? And why are you punishing all the vendors that have nothing to do with the commercial.

    2. In response to B-Rizzle

      Walmart won't do a commercial like this, because everyone knows Walmart exist.

      Their to big to care, I'm surprised they do any advertising at all.

      Kmart hired this ad agency, too lazy to Google it; to get people's attention.

      In a way they have, but I doubt it will either help or hurt Kmart sales.

      The irony is, Kmart has in the last 2-3 decades attempted at great lengths in advertising and licensees to cater to "moms" and "moms" specifically...I doubt this is going to help their cause much.

      I think of all the problem's Kmart is having, this would probably be at the bottom of their list.

  7. Did you watch any of the Kraft Zesty guy commercials all summer or the Victoria Secret commercials with the girls looking sensuous you can't tell me this is any different!!

  8. Funny commercial, I think its great. Do you see the "victoria secret" commercials? If they take this one down, then all the bra, panties, etc commercials should also come down! Just my opinion, but what is the difference between the guys in their boxers and the girls in their bra's and panties, walking slow, looking sexy, cleavage popping out all over the place. Calm down, change the channel and chill out! There is NO simulation of sexual intercourse, OMG! LOL, you are too funny pconr

    1. In response to behaze68

      Hey Raymond, I'm gonna let you in on a little secret. Kmart sucks!

    2. In response to behaze68

      These guys are using their balls literally as "jingle balls". It is so friggin disgusting. The Victoria Secret ads are not crude and disgusting. They are tasteful and not meant to be demeaning or inappropriate. There is no comparison.

  9. I luv the new "Show Your Joe" commercial. Kmart commercials are currently sum of favorites on the world of commercials.

  10. Hi there, pconr! Welcome to MyKmart! Thank you for your feedback. We regret if it was not your style.

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      Your Joe Boxer commercial is offensive to many customers on whom you rely. A customer's "style" will affect Kmart's bottom line. Why take the chance of offending anyone? Why not stick with what has worked for Kmart since its opening--a family store with astronomical holiday sales? I would also venture to say that the commercial borders on not being protected by the First Amendment due to what many would define as obscene. Kmart really needs to rethink this ad. I will not be shopping at Kmart this year and will advise my friends/family to avoid your stores as well.

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      seen new commercial. with the 6 men, absolutely, pitiful, have been loyal customer, 30 yrs, I guess, but no more, ty

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      do you see the victoria secret commercials, come on, get a sense of humor!

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      do you see the victoria secret commercials, come on, get a sense of humor! Guess girls with giant pushed up ***** and nothing else but maybe wings and panties is ok?

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      Those are Victoria Secret commercial, they sell sex. Kmart is a family store, not a sex store. I agree with the people who find this offensive. Just FYI, Kmart sucks.

    6. In response to SHC-JulieK

      I also find the commercial offensive. What a stupid move by KMart - why offend customers, right at the time that people are deciding where to spend their holiday dollars?

    7. In response to SHC-JulieK

      Victoria Secret sells lingerie as their core business, it's not a family store as KMart is. And yes, the Victoria Secret commercials have sexy women in their underwear - but even Victoria Secret doesn't have the women shaking their breasts in time to christmas bells. Because Victoria Secret has more business sense than KMart.

    8. In response to SHC-JulieK

      This Joe Boxer commercial is no more sexy than the Kraft Zesty commercial that was on all summer with a great looking sexy guy asking if you wanted to get ZESTY!

    9. In response to SHC-JulieK

      Kraft sold a Zesty guy all summer which was very sexual.

    10. In response to SHC-JulieK

      Hopefully your family can make a smarter decision than you! Your saddest statement regards the First Amendment. Your kind will prevent certain people from voting if. Go and read what the First Amendment is before boycotting an entire chain!

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