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My spring wildflower section of my garden was fantastic this year! The last few weeks I have noticed most of the flowers are spent and run their course. There are still flowers but not as abundant as in earlier spring. Do you have any ideas to give it a “pick me up” or spruce it up some? Maybe a way to get more blooms before the cold comes? Thanks! :)


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  1. It's always a treat when plants produce prolifically, whether its flowers, fruit or veggies! Once flowers are spent they signal the plant that its blooming season is nearing its end and it's time for spent flowers to go to seed and continue the cycle for next season. But you can prolong the flowering season and delay plants from setting seeds by removing flowers once they are spent. Then fertilize with a liquid fertilizer high in potassium. This will encourage more blooms as long as spent blooms are still in place and seedheads have not yet formed. Good luck!

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