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My rosé garden is planted on a bank. It it exposed to a daily strong breeze that dries out the soil

And blows away any mulch. What can I use to prevent evaporation and weeds?


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  1. My first thought is, what type of mulch are you using--some mulch materials blow away more easily than others. As an example, pine straw mulch (made from pine needles) interlocks and sticks together and tends to stay put in windy situations. You might also try laying down landscape fabric that you pin down in place, then covering the fabric with a rock mulch. You can also lay black netting, such as bird netting, over your existing mulch; tack the netting down with landscape staples or U-shaped pins. The black netting will fade away and the mulch is what you'll mostly see.

    Another option is to consider a living mulch by planting an evergreen groundcover or bulbs to stabilize the soil and deter weeds. A few good options for your area include creeping mahonia (Mahonia repens), star jasmine (Trachelospermum), snowberry (Symphoricarpos)--'Hancock' is a foot high dwarf and great for banks and slopes, or any of the groundcover California lilacs (Ceanothus), such as 'Point Reyes', 'Heart's Desire', 'Diamond Heights', or Ceanothus hearstiorum--all grow 12 inches tall or less. Good luck!

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