My order said that it shipped late last night from a store near me, but it isn’t showing up on the UPS tracking. Does this mean it hasn’t left the store yet?

My order number is 483323882


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  1. Hi alpha_bean,

    Thank you for joining the MyKmart Community!

    I have check your order with one of the Kmart "Chat" Representative and this is the info that they had provided with me giving them your email and order number:

    "I see the order is on processing and the UPS tracking has been created. I also see the expected arrival date is on 04/02"

    I know this does not give its location, but at times UPS does not always scan when it reaches a new destination. I did not want to post your tracking number, so I have sent it in an email for which I am assuming that you already have, but just in case...

    You might want to give it until tomorrow and re-check the tracking for it may have further information for you. If need be you can always re-check with "Chat" to see if they have further info on your purchase also.

    Sorry I could not help further.

    Please let us know if you have any other questions or concerns along the way!

    Thank you!

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