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My hydrangea are just starting to get leaves. Last year they greww out of control– can i prune them back now, so they become a little fuller but not as tall and wide?


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  1. When you can prune depends on the variety of hydrangea that you will be pruning. Some varieties flower on old wood, while some bloom on new wood. If your hydrangea freezes to the ground in winter, then it most likely blooms on new wood. These types should be pruned to shape late in the dormant season. Hydrangeas that bloom on old wood are best pruned to shape as soon as the flowers fade and before new buds have set. Keep in mind that hydrangeas, as a general rule, only require pruning when they are older than five years, are too large, or to remove any dead or damaged stems. And, when pruning hydrangeas that flower on old wood (which many do), be sure to remove no more than one-third of the stems each year. See you in the garden!

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