My application was denied for why not lease it program

After waiting on phone for 45 minutes and finally speaking to someone,; she said that my application was denied and that I needed to email info@whynotleaseit.


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  1. They are the rudest most uniformed bunch of customer service reps ever when you call the 800 number. Explain to me how someone can be approved for $800 one minute but denied the next!!! Not one person can explain that when you call. I smell a false advertising suit. Just saying.

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      You were declined because you make too much money (could probably pay it off on time with no extra fees) and you probably have decent credit. I figured that out buy using trial and error with the help of a few friends. I have also notice that everyone declined never get a reason. Call the number sent multiple email been waiting for about a month and a half checked my spam inbox nothing. This is a bad joke aimed at people who really can't afford to pay. We should all report them to the BBB

  2. Hi, mdavis44. Welcome to the MyKmart Community! I am very sorry to hear your application was denied. Unfortunately, we are not authorized to view information regarding this program. Please contact the Why Not Lease It Customer Support Team for additional support by phone at 1.855.949.6685 or by email at

    Hope this helps!

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