missing points

what happened to all my points? There was one transaction in May 18th where I just let it go. But now ALLLLL my points are gone!!!


2 answers

  1. I had a few dollars worth on my card awhile back that vanished but it was because the cashier used them towards my purchase without asking which could be one reason. Another could be if they were bonus points for example, you have to use them within a certain amount of time or they expire.

    I occasionally receive random bonus points, most are only good on certain items for a couple days. Those points will show up on your account during that promotion period you receive them for but vanish the moment its over.

  2. Hi deguzmandali,

    I am sorry to hear that your points had disappeared on your account. To be able to help you further you will need to contact an online SYWR Representative by clicking on "contact us". They will be able to look up your account and help with this issue.

    1-800-991-8708 or you can email them at to help address your concerns.
    (8 AM-11 PM CST, 7 days a week, except for certain holidays)

    Please let us know how this goes and if we can help you further!

    Thank you!