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I applied for the lease and go at our local Kmart. When the associate entered my information, it brought up her address and phone number. This was after I entered my SS #. Then it said they can not process my application at this time. I called the number and there is a message that they are experiencing high call volumes with waits over an hour and then it says they can not take my call to call back later. I have called for several days and keep getting the same message. I have emailed with no response. I meet all the “Requirements” per the brochure but still was turned down. I would like to know how and why.


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  1. My son used this progam on Black Friday and has had no issues what so ever with it. The "application" process took about 10 min. He picked out a 60 inch tv and the protection plan, with a reasonable payment and we were out of the store in about 30 minutes. He has no credit and a part time job and all he had to do was have a CC or checking account for the auto-withdrawl. They didn't ask for any proof of income or anything.

  2. My husband and I tried too...and we were denied. We sent an email off to the address they gave us and we are still waiting for an answer. We were pretty bummed and disappointed since they made such a big deal about not having to have credit; you know so the working man could actually afford to buy something; they shouldn't advertise like that and then give you the boot. Real cheesy!

  3. Hi SoccerDad12!

    We appreciate you sharing your feedback on this matter. We are not authorized to view information regarding approvals/denials for this program. A letter will be sent by mail in regards to their decision.

    Please know that WhyNotLeaseIt™ is an independent service provider and not an affiliate or licensee of Sears®, Kmart, Shop Your WaySM or any other Sears Holdings Corporation entity or affiliate.

    Thank you for reaching out with your inquiry on this program.

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      I believe the whynotleaseit company should be investigated for fraud. Kmart and Sears lure customers in by offering a lease with no credit check. Customers who meet the minimum requirements of the lease are then denied and are never given a reason why. That is fraud.

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      You are right! I'm in the process of contacting an attorney. My husband and I went in because we did NOT want our credit ran even if it is a"soft hit". Then we were denied with no logical explanation. we have none of the things that they said would cause a rejection. This is false advertising! Went I called the number the agent said she gave me the info that I needed, said she was gong to disconnect the line and then hung up on me.

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      Not real sure who would have advised that response SHC-WendyFD. They needed to think that one through a bit longer. I will say, I am very thankful I decided to read over some reviews of those that may have experienced the process.
      Food-4-Thought though, why on earth would the average consumer find it remotely believable, that a retail giant like Kmart/ Sears, would ever risk the liability of false advertising, due to an outside party's own regulations?
      They be an independent, but I'll bet an approved application that not one of those *outsiders* had anything at all to do with the approval of the final layout of the Kmart circular?!!

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      To Psitsbnfn, we all need to understand all of us have gone through something that is humiliating if denied in the store or devastated because this was their only hope for a good holiday for grandchildren. Or third they are in way more debt (everyone has credit problems and these are supposed to be here for that purpose backed by name brand stores that tell you you're approved) due to this company PROVIDED TO US BY SEARS AND KMART...Reputable common people stores like most of us that have lived life fun and yes hard usually but fun being younger and getting to this point and great 'semi-rich' moments living outside ourmeans w jus a few errors lol. People have been deceived and no matter what company did it, whether its 'Whynotleaseit' from these WORLD RENOWNED businesses or if it would've been lay-a-way at Wal-Mart its NOT right! What happened to trusting what legitimate businesses tell us?? It's just a roadstep, a big unfair one but I've learned there are people all over to help you n need for clothes, appliances evev Christmas. Don't give up hope! There is a loophole that will be found. Research Research. I know someone in the same boat and I'm going this morning to ask about Sears lease and to see what happens. I'll report back and I am I'm law school btw so someone if you want please reply w ph # to call and an acct. # and I'll have the owner of 'Whynotleaseit' sending everyone a letter hopefully an apology letter. Good Luck and I am praying everyone gets this straightened out.

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      I also was advised by the electronic sale assistant to apply for the lease and go. He said that bit was simple and easy all he had was a couple questions. He assured me that there was no credit check(I am trying to buy a house and don't need the inquiry) I was denied and given a phone number so I called and . It was automated they ask me no question s an poo it who I was. But said that I was denied then told me to send and email to I have not gotten a response!!! I am furious I was told it was practically guaranteed

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      Hi, mlunsford. Welcome to MyKmart! I am very sorry to hear about this. The email address you listed above is incorrect. Please email the Why Not Lease It Customer Service Team at

      Please reach out here if you do not receive a response from the Customer Service Team using the email address I've listed above.

      Hope this helps!

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      I applied in the middle of Dec and was denied and I called and emailed them and still have not got any response from them and I had proof of all my info when I went in. So people don't listen to them telling you to email them cause you will never get a response back and for the manager who post comments trying to cover up for the company trying to say they will send out a response you know that you are lieing for them and you should be shame of yourself.

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      Awesome info, thanks all. I was in KMart today and saw that lease it deal and I was considering it. Now I know not to do it.

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      @kit3_hope It is inappropriate for you to request personal information that could be used for identity theft purposes. I am fairly sure that this is not your intent. Still, to request an account number is crossing the line. A law student would know this.

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      You should really look up the definition of fraud. Being turned down is not fraud. Your situation is not at all fraud. You did not meet one of the requirements. You probably stiffed rent-a-center in the past, didn't make enough money, had an expired ID.... fraud is taking your money under false pretenses....

      If denying someone were fraud, every mortgage, credit card, and even employer would be bankrupt from law suits.

      No credit check doesn't mean they'll just give stuff to everyone! Kmart actually does want you to have the merchandise because that is how they make money, not having you turned down.

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      You are partly correct, it is not fraud to deny credit in whatever form depending on how you do it (in other words you approve or deny credit to everyone no matter what color, creed, ect.) what is fraud is the manner in which the program is marketing and presented by the employees. firstly when you present the product as "NO CREDIT CHECK" the expectation is that if you meet the stated requirements the sale will be approved. This is not the case, because in fact there is a non traditional credit check (otherwise how would they know you "stiffed a rent to own company") I have worked for a company that uses a similar business model called "flex pay plus" 90% get approved but they ARE checking not the big 3 but other smaller databases and make a decision based upon that. the reason that its a problem if you are bating people into the store without proper disclosure it is a "bait and switch" situation. Now they can avoid that by proper disclosure but it looks like that is not whats happening.

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