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Kris – We are having a horrible problem with moles, despite putting down every grub control possible. I’ve been told moles have changed their diets to earth worms, so, what can we do to keep moles from destroying lawn and garden? Thanks.


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  1. Moles are insectivores and dine on ground invertebrates such as earthworms and grubs, which are among their favorite food sources. However, even if you eliminate the grubs and earthworms (keep in mind that earthworms are so vital in maintaining a healthy and friable soil), they have other dining options such as millipedes and ants.

    One method is to encourage natural enemies that dine on moles, such as an outdoor cat or snakes. Some gardeners I know have had pretty good luck with environmentally-friendly, castor oil-based sprays and granules such as Mole Med. You can also try setting mousetraps inside an active tunnel that is baited with a mole's favorite food, which is grubs and worms. That said, the most effective method for killing a mole is the use of traps, which are not necessarily the same as the traps used to kill gophers. One effective trap for moles is a harpoon style trap, though some gardeners prefer the scissor-style traps. Victor carries both types. Good luck!

    1. In response to Kris_Wetherbee

      Our indoor cat got outside one day last fall and was so kind as to bring me a dead mole at the front door. Effective, but gross. I think I'll go with the castor oil-based sprays and Mole Med. No need for more presents from my cat. Thanks Kris!!!

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