Kmart’s leasing program clearly states that there is no credit check to qualify. All you are supposed to need is a job making at least $1000 per month and be 18 years of age. My sister who has been driving trucks for 15 years applied for their program and was denied. Now I would like to know under what kind of guidelines did that occur, so I don’t waste my time.


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      throw/threw but it ok lol

  2. i was just at Kmart last night and they told me the same thing. DENIED! Kmart's paper clearly states NO CREDIT Check. i was all for Kmart and no walmart. but after this ****. i think its time to switch stores. i will miss you Kmart. we had a good run. you will be missed. but playing games like this, is like a bad ex girl friends, you just don't go back!

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      by the way. both number say there hold time is over an hour and they say to call back and then they hang up on you. WOW get support

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      It doesn't say "no credit check" it says "no credit required". Which means, you are still subject to a credit check regardless of your gross income. So if you do not meet the requirements after taxes are calculated then the credit check is just a backup to try and get you approved another way. I apologize that you were under the wrong impression.

  3. Hi veroniquebrown72,

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    I am very sorry to hear of your sisters denial. For further information, please contact the WhyNotLeaseIt Customer Service at 1.855.949.6685 or by email at and they will be able to provide further guidelines for you.

    Let us know if you have further questions.

    Thank you!

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      they will not help you at this 1 855 949 6685 number...they give you the run around too...

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      Hi NettieP!

      I am sorry to hear that you were not able to obtain the information you are needing. I was able to locate their Customer Service page with another number 1.888.949.6680 and maybe they will be able to help you further.

      Thank you!

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      I am 20 years old, I have been working at the same place since i was 14...I have great credit I own 3 cars making house payments, I make well over what is required of you to be a applicant for this program and they sent me a email saying i was approved and i could spend up to $800. After having my one year old and myself shopping around for 5 hours straight i go to check out and they said i was denied...? uhmmmm what the heck??? the numbers you call will give you absolutely no information, and their customer service reps are so rude! So im in the same boat as your sister, and so annoyed with it! so i know how yall are feeling, i hope they help yall out better then they did me.

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      Same here,apparently NOBODY at Kmart will help with ANYTHING. I have been to the store manager level where he literally said "You got your items, what is the problem" and hung up on me.

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      oh my...that is horrible! i dont know what to do...

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      Ok, if you have such a positive financial situation, why are you bothering with this program anyway? If you're a little short this holiday season, and you have good credit; get a credit card.

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      This is so true. I was approved, had my approval code reset and went to check out and was told I was denied. I called that number to ask what the problem was since I had my approval code reset. The lady was very rude in stating we are not resetting the approval codes and if you want to know more information go to the website and hung up. Why give an approval code then deny us when we check out? This program is not as helpful as I thought it would be.

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      This whole thing is the run around, was denied when my husband & I work FT & make over $2500 per month. Yes I was out of work for several months due to a stroke but otherwise we should meet the requirements He has been at his job over 5 years. I was given the same phone number when denied at the store. When called the phone number they gave you you, which was also given to me by the store associate,I get someone who tells you you need to email the company to get more info when I asked her the email address she got rude with me. So I emailed them still no response. The associates in the store said they were from 2 different stores in the Missouri area and no one has been approved for over 2-3 weeks. I have always been a Sears and Kmart shopper and proudly use their products but this has me wondering about the company. Good Luck in your endeavors we are starting to shop elsewhere!!!! I also cancelled my Sears credit card after this one!

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