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When shopping there are two major issues SHC needs to fix in order for the customer to have a better shopping experience and selection of products.

The site will list most all items Kmart stores carry yet a lot of these items listed are only available for purchase on the site if you pick it up in the actual store!

If an item is for sale on the actual website it should be available for purchase and pick-up in store as well as having the option to ship to your home. If you can’t ship the item to your home it shouldn’t be listed on

This is a major issue for customers such as myself who have had all of their local Kmart stores close yet prefer to shop at Kmart over other stores. I will travel the 30 minute drive it takes to get to the nearest Kmart but when it comes to ordering a product online such as lets say Image Essential, Smart Sense or Home Basic items I wouldn’t travel the distance to pick up something I could order from another website and have delivered to my home.

I came across this issue last week, forgot to buy cat food (Champion Breed) so figured I’d take advantage of my free shipping provided thru SYWR yet the site would only let me ship to an actual Kmart store so not having the time or funds to drive 30minutes for one bag of cat food I was forced to go to Family Dollar two miles away. I would rather order that online next time I have the need instead of spending my money with another company I despise almost as much as Walmart.

These sort of problems will and have made Kmart lose out on some very much needed sales from not only myself but other customers.


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  1. Hi Izel,

    Thank you for waiting so patiently!

    Laurel and I have further researched this issue for you and unfortunately what has happened is that they have removed the shipping options in regards to groceries and consumables just recently.

    This does not mean that these categories will be not offered in the future, but until they begin to analyze these products more thoroughly they will not be offered at this time for shipping.

    Hope this helps in answering your concerns!

  2. Hi, Izel. Thanks for sharing this feedback! Sorry to hear you weren't able to find the cat food you needed online to ship directly to your home. Can you post a link to the product page for the cat food you were interested in purchasing so we can take a closer look?

    Thanks again for taking the time to share this experience!

    1. In response to laurelS

      This among many other products always give you the "This item is temporarily unavailable for Shipping." status when you try to ship it to your address.

      I know for a fact every Kmart store I've been in recently has this on their shelves so it should be available to ship to your home if its available in store for pick up.

    2. In response to laurelS

      Just a few more products as an example of items that should be available to ship to your home.

    3. In response to laurelS

      Hi Izel,

      Thank you for providing additional information. Please check back periodically as we reach out to find some answers for you in how we can help in resolving this issue.

      Thank you!

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