Kmart should hire Ron J. from JCP!!!

Has anyone been to a JC Penney lately!? I LOVE the new JCP, and it’s all thanks to former CEO Ron J.! The store remodels are beautiful and modern and I love the small shops concept! What I love the most is that JCP brought in my girl, Martha Stewart, and I am obsessed with her merchandise from there, just like I was with her Kmart merch ( I still look for her former MSE brand from Kmart on eBay!). Too bad they didn’t give Ron J. a little longer before they let him go, because I can see a huge turnaround coming for JC Penney! It is my new favorite store! I wish Kmart would try something like JCP did and hire someone with a plan and some innovation! The new JCP is the kind of store I want to shop at and the kind of store I am excited to shop in. Kmart needs better products and a remodel plan. JCP might not be doing great right now, but with their new products and beautiful stores, I’m sure everyone will go back to shopping there once they step inside and see all of the exciting, modern home products and clothing (I love the home store the most!) hopefully, Kmart can reinvent itself the way JCP has! I’m still holding out hope that they bring the Martha Stewart products back some day, or at least in one department , like by carrying her craft line in stores or partnering with her for an exclusive garden line (tools, flowers, outdoor furniture, planters, etc.) Good luck Sears and Kmart, I might have found a new favorite store, but I never want you to close! Still hoping for a turnaround….


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  1. Hey there, Deb - good to hear from my precious friend !
    I haven't been in there for years, but I'll also check them out :):) !
    A loyal fan, and even more faithful friend.... Yobarps )*(

  2. I've always like JCP but have sort of neglected them in the past few years only because I'm all hardcore about buying everything possible at Kmart, mostly because I want to reach VIP Platinum on the SYWR. lol

    I know JCP hit rock bottom for a minute, felt a little bad because I used to shop there once a month for a shirt or two. They always have decent clothing when I can't find it elsewhere.

  3. Hi debrockwell! Thanks so much for the feedback! We appreciate your thoughts, especially as such a loyal customer.

    Sears and Kmart are always updating and changing-we have lots in store for the near future-hope you will visit your local store and come back to often to see what is available.

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