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I just had a friend ask me if Kmart allowed private owners to franchise the Kmart brand by opening their own store if I’d do it which really got me thinking about how it could be the way to help save Kmart. If I had the money to franchise a Kmart of course I would do it! Each franchise would need to carry the basic offerings the “Traditional” smaller Kmart’s carry but if the franchisee wanted to offer customers more, other options to operate “Big” Kmart’s or even Supercenter’s could be available. Each store would be similar but the owner could add whatever extra merchandise they chose along with other amenities such as a K-Cafe and some could have a Pharmacy.


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  1. When Sam Walton was alive Walmart had profit sharing for its employees.If a store was profitible the company shared the wealth once a year with employee profit sharing checks for that location.The man was very smart it made employees take more pride in there stores and jobs.I believe they discontinued the program after his Death.

  2. Hi Izel,

    Interesting thought. If restaurants do it why couldn't the Kmart's. As you mentioned, this would be a way to help keep the stores open and alive ;)

  3. This also is another option for SHC to turn struggling stores around or previous locations that have closed. Many former Kmart stores still sit empty and most anyone near a former Kmart always says how they miss it and wish it hadn't closed. I understand at a business level the sales for many of these former Kmart stores just wasn't up to standard but under better management most of these stores would still be open. Franchising the Kmart brand could bring Kmart back to many communities it left long ago. Looking at the big picture too, why not try this idea out because its not like SHC has much to lose when it comes to Kmart since all other attempts have failed. Think about an employee owned store for example, could be great.

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