Kmart providing relief for those impacted by Superstorm Sandy.

It is wonderful to see communities come together in response to tragedy and natural disaster. Kmart is joining the effort to lend support to communities by providing up to $350 million in Points to existing SHOP YOUR WAY REWARDSSM (SYWR) Members who live in those areas most impacted by this storm. On Saturday, Nov. 3, up to $20 worth of SYWR Points will be added to the accounts of existing Members based upon the level of impact the storm had on their community.

In working with our national distribution network, Kmart is also ensuring much-needed supplies arrive quickly to the East Coast. More than 100 truckloads filled with equipment including generators, chainsaws, wet/dry vacuums, flashlights, batteries, lanterns, dehumidifiers, utility and sump pumps are headed east. Associates are working hard to help the millions of people who have been impacted by this storm.

Were you impacted by Superstorm Sandy? Share your story with us here. Our thoughts are with all those a impacted by Sandy.


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  1. My Fire Department has been sending Firefighters down to help crews down there, 5 of our guys just got back yesterday after being in Long Island for 3 days straight running calls.

    1. In response to firefighter22

      Wow - so cool ! And I'm glad that they've returned unharmed :)

    2. In response to firefighter22

      I failed to mention that Staten Island was also greatly affected and lower Manhattan has been dealing without electricity and other damages. Same problems in parts of New Jersey. Thanks to all the help, as from what I read they need more public/government assistance. I think the two areas mentioned are where a lot of firefighters have homes.

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      Breezy Point of Queens is where a lot of retired FDNY and NYPD live. A lot of them lost their homes in the huge fire that destroyed 111 homes.

  2. I am in one of those affected areas and had gone out in the beginning of the storm. I saw the next day trees fallen and then how bad the main city had been hit from the news. Even now, the systems are not up. It will be a lot of money. I had wanted to put this in the idea section awhile ago, but your post actually brings out the question. One area hit was in Queens, Breezy point and the Rockaways. The fireman as always are there to help. I do not have much monetary finances, but I do believe there are always ideas on things to do. I wondered if the points we don't use that are offered throughout the year can be put into a special section. To be given for special causes for their use. I may make use of the ones I have now, but they do expire and I would be willing to give up some anyway for those in the future.

    1. In response to For2Day

      I am certainly glad to see that you are still with us, my friend ! Let me know if there is anything that I can do to help {^^,!!!

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