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Kmart (SHC) should really put some thought into reaching out to local businesses in the communities that have a Sears or Kmart store. Send out a company representative to speak to the business owner or manager of other businesses that may benefit by switching some or all of their business purchases to Kmart or Sears.

The Shop Your Way Rewards program is over looked by a lot of businesses that could save a lot each year by taking advantage of deals & discounts offered just by signing up and making purchases. This would benefit those businesses and benefit SHC by boosting sales in certain areas like appliances, general grocery and many other departments.

This idea came to me because I work for Little Caesars and we always send someone to Meijer to pick up a lot of items such as cleaning supplies, and a few food items like lettuce. We also make trips to a local restaurant supply chain (Gordon’s Food Service) for petty items like straws for the dining room and other paper goods. IF we still had the Corunna MI Kmart open behind our store I know for a fact our manager would buy almost all of these items besides the fresh produce at Kmart, using our own store SYWR card.


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  1. Well, there it is, SHC..... A tremendous beckoning from the root of mainstream American business. I'm sure that this can be echoed from many areas that are hard-hit from losing their Kmart and/or Sears.

  2. Hi Izel,

    Thank you for sharing your wonderful feedback with us today!

    I can see how beneficial this thought would be to all parties. Would you mind sharing your thoughts on our Sears and Kmart Feedback forms?

    As always Izel, we appreciate all your thoughts and ideas that you bring forth.

    You are a true valued member/customer to this Company.

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