Kmart Layaway Angels in your area?

Stories of Layaway Angels are surfacing left and right this time of year! I absolutely love hearing these stories. It’s a great reminder to me of the true spirit of Christmas! Have you heard of any Layaway Angel sightings in your area?

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  1. WOW. I had heard of CHristmas Angels and how they go around paying off layaways but never would have thought I would be one of their recipients! I didn't have enough money to pay my layaway and figure it was put back. I went to the Honesdale PA Kmart tonight 12-27-13 to see if I at least could get my money back minus the cancel fee. It would only have een about 15 dollars, but as I was telling the cashier I couldn't purchase all the layaway she tells me only owe 1.97! I said you must be mistaken, Nope, the 148 you still owe has been paid! I WAS SHOCKED! I had put clothing and some small items for my daughter who's Birthday was Christmas Eve, and of course for Christmas and had my car break down the day before and couldn't afford anything let alone the lawaway. So needless to say I almost cried in the store because I couldnt believe the generosity of someone I will never get to thank in person. I will be paying it forward in 2014. Thank you to my Christmas Angel. xoxox

    1. In response to Ozzysister

      Wonderful news Ozzysister!

      We appreciate you stopping in and sharing with us for it was indeed a true blessing in helping you and your family!

      Have a wonderful New Year!

  2. I went on line to make a payment only to see that it was showing that it had been paid in full today. I thought it must be a mistake. I called the store and they told me it was paid for and picked up! I was so worried. The employee then said they would get the manager for me. But she returned and said it was still there and a layaway angle came I and paid it and I could pick it up when ready. I can't believe that someone was so generous to do this. It has truly touched my heart. I will be forever thankful to th person who helped my family this holiday.

  3. I was just relaying this to a coworker of last year's tremendous stories ! I had no knowledge of the current year's activity ! Bravo! to all of the special Angels everywhere :):):) !

  4. I love hearing these stories too!

    A year ago as we were starting a new layaway, we had heard of the Layaway Angel helping a couple of people at our local Kmart .

    What a true blessing!

    1. In response to SHC-WendyFD-2

      My organization was recently featured in NBC News and USA Today. It's called Pay Away the Layaway, Inc. We collect donations all over the country and pay off layaway plans at Kmart stores and other retailers. We just paid off over $3,000 at Kmart store last night for over 30 different accounts. We watched as people left in tears and many in complete shock. You can find our website at

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