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Recently our local Home Depot store brought in a flyer to Little Caesars advertising a children’s workshop they are hosting. Kids are brought into the store where they are given the chance to make a small project there in the store while learning about different tools.

Many kids now days aren’t fortunate enough to have someone knowledgeable to teach them general repair projects or how to use certain tools so programs like this are awesome.

Kmart should take advantage of items they currently sell and come out with a similar program but take it to the next level by providing this type of program for all age groups who are interested.

The program could cover all sorts of topics such as gardening, proper use of small to large hand tools & equipment to even basic cooking courses spot lighting Kmarts current merchandise.

All Kmart stores have plenty of room to find a small area to do such an event not to mention the fact it would be really good for the stores that participate due to bringing in the customer base that is much needed. Sales need to be boosted a bit & this is one of many ways to do so. ;-)


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  1. How wonderful!

    I think the gardening would be a big hit as well as maybe holiday crafts. There are so many little inexpensive crafts that kids would totally enjoy doing why their parents are shopping!

    I am going to have to search my community to see if we even have this available for my 3 year old grand-baby would love it!

    Thank you for sharing this wonderful tidbit!

  2. What a great idea, Izel! Some of my local hometown stores host workshops but I haven't heard about Home Depot's program yet. What a nice offering for the community!

    1. In response to laurelS

      They usually host these events a few times a year, first heard about it last year when my friend said she took her two very young daughters. Sounds like the kids have a blast. :-)

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