KMart in naperville il now closing!

There are dozens of store closing going on right now and your hiding them from the stockholders!


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  1. The Kmart store at 1199 E. Ogden Ave in Naperville will close to the public in mid-April. Until then, the store will remain open for customers. The store began its liquidation sale on Jan. 27.

  2. Do you know if the Kmart in Willowbrook Illinois located on Plainfield Road and Route 83 is closing?
    Can anyone confirm this please?

    1. In response to irfan780

      The only ones in your area closed or being closed are in Naperville, Lombard, and Homer Glen. The rest are staying open including the one you mentioned in Willowbrook- according to my research.

    2. In response to irfan780

      Store in Willowbrook is closing. I saw the guys holding the "store closing" signs at the intersection this afternoon.

    3. In response to irfan780

      I was there today == Closing -- everything must go -- 10 -30% off. Was a mad house -- did not even know this was happening till I drove by.

  3. Hi Vinny. Where did you hear this news? I was unable to find any information associated with Naperville, IL Kmart closing.

    For information on the upcoming 2013 Annual Meeting Of Stockholders, please click here.

    1. In response to laurelS

      Laurel do you work for kmart? I only assume so because your title.. Though not surprised they keep there own employees out of the loop sad to say.. If you call kmart naperville il they will confirm there closing down. The link your showing says nothing about store closings.. I feel like i should be contacting a lawyer to get information that as a stockholder i deserve into what stores are closing in 2013!

    2. In response to laurelS

      On the front of the Naperville Sun Newspaper, there was an ad that stated store closing! I can't find anything either on the website, but it was on the front of the local newspaper.

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