Kmart in Franklin, TN quit accepting layaway and has lots of clearance. Does this mean they are one of the stores closing in 2013?


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  1. The Kmart in franklin is closing-- ad in sunday paper--close out is starting, SAD we keep losing more kmarts in the nashville area. k mart has great products, the public is too ignorant to shop there and are unaware of the great bargains to be found there. Hope the remaining stores stay OPEN!!!!!!

  2. Hi, Lucky1165. Thanks for reaching out!

    We were able to verify that there are no plans in process to close the store.

    Hope this helps!

  3. Did a new Walmart open in your area thats usually a tell tale sign.No lataway and clearance sales sure sound like sombodys leaving town.They have been closing about 4 stores a month for quite a while.Maybe there going to make it a Dollar Store?

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