Kmart Gas Discount Partners

I noticed Kmart is running a new promo with Speedway and BP, to save 30 cents off a gallon. It would be really nice to see a partnership between Kmart and a gas station in the western U.S.


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  1. I had thought before, how I would like to see it coupled with car rental. I had wanted to take a trip, while my friend was here and could drive. Problem was, she could not get use of a car to borrow. So, I offered to pay her by cash, or use my prepaid cards (I am not a driver). She said they only will confirm with a credit card for rentals and we would also need insurance. So, needless to say, I had hoped somebody would eventually come up with an alternative. Since Kmart is in her area also, it is something she would be interested in also, or for travelers.

  2. Hi, stephanie87. Great to see you here in the community!

    Thanks for sharing your suggestion. Which gas stations do you visit or pass by most often in your area? Let us know! I will be happy to share your thoughts with the greater Kmart team.

    Thanks for taking the time to share your suggestions here!

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      I would rather receive a coupon for stations such as Sunoco or even Citgo, maybe Admiral. The problem I've come across with Kmart printing off gas coupons for stores such as Speedway is the fact I never go to Speedway.

      There aren't any Speedway gas stations in my area and we try to avoid going to them when near one due to the fact they are always too busy and difficult to get in and out of. We have to drive 30 miles just to reach Kmart even.

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      Hey, friend! I noticed you said 'even Citgo'. Citgo is actually a pretty good company. Chavez (Citgo leader) loves American people and what America stands for, freedom and liberty, he is not too fond of the US government though-- this where 7-Eleven got some of their facts wrong when they ended they're 20-year contract with Citgo. Yes, Chavez is not a good guy but somethings get misunderstood.

      As for Speedway, they're very commonplace where I live.

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      I live in Colorado and out here we have Diamond Shamrocks, *** & Go, Shell or Conoco gas stations. I usually go to Loaf n' Jug which is the King Soopers (Kroger) gas station just because I have fuel rewards, but I would definitely switch stations if there was a Kmart program in place at one of the other gas stations.


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      I thought the gas station partnership was only for Kmart Supercenter stores. I my area it is advertised as a partnership between Super Kmart and Speedway.

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      Hey, NickE great to see ya here. The gas station partnership is available at both Kmart and Kmart Supercenter. I've gotten the coupons from both Kmart and Kmart Supercenter stores.