Kmart & Clutter issues

Each time I go into any Kmart store I seem to always find good deals but I also find way too much store clutter due to certain merchandise displays being in areas they have no business in.

One example of this would be snack food displayed in the pharmacy area yet one end cap shelf in the actual pantry area you would see food on has Smart Sense toilet bowl cleaner instead. (Saint Johns MI Big Kmart)

Another example would be batteries. Most Kmart stores have these in such random areas instead of in one or two immediate spots. I can name at least six different battery displays of the same brand in the Saint Johns MI store alone. Most of these are set to expire or have promotional items such as free music downloads packaged with the batteries that expired in 2006!

Instead of closing more stores permanently, close one store at a time for a total remodel including store layout. All of these store NEED a remodel and make better use of the wasted space.

The garden shop area shouldn’t be used at another store room with a sign on the door saying “Employees Only.” That area was designed for customer use during this time of year.


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  1. Thanks for the feedback, Izel. These are great observations, very helpful for the store operations and district management teams! I will be happy to share your thoughts with these teams.

    Thanks again for taking the time to share!

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