Kid’s magazine suggestion?

I would love to get a magazine subscription for my youngest this year for his birthday. My oldest gets Sports Illustrated Kids, so don’t think we really need another sports themed magazine.

Anyone have a suggestion or two? He is 8 and will read just about everything!


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  1. Highlights magazine!! I used to get that as a kid for awhile, loved waiting for a new copy to arrive in the mail. Forgot all about it until I was at an office not too long ago that had one in the waiting room. I just checked the site ( and they are good for kids up to age 12.

  2. Oh, maybe National Geographic Kids? What a fun idea! I've never thought of a subscription for kids, but I can imagine they totally look forward to each new issue so much! Great idea, Julie. Let us know what you decide on!

    1. In response to laurelS

      I like the idea of National Geographic kids! Good suggestion. That one looks like it has a little bit of everything in there that would keep him engaged.

    2. In response to laurelS

      Great suggestions.

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